Thursday, June 26, 2014

AMANI BIRTH CLASS with Doula Hayati Muzaffar

Assalamualaikum wbt,

As promised, I will update on the AMANI Birth class which I have attend with my husband for 4sessions – 2x Saturday and 2x Sunday at Taman Puncak Jalil, Selangor. Our teacher is Hayati Muzaffar, we just call her Kak Yat. I was very grateful to know about this class and get the opportunity to know Kak Yat from my senior, Kak Izzati Zahidah. Kak Izzati is the one who had introduced me with this natural and gentle birth world. From zero-nothing knowledge of birth, now I know something which is priceless to compare with. It’s not just about birthing, it’s about birthing your child in a gentle way. And can you imagine how important this knowledge to all moms in the world? Thank you both Kak Izzati and Kak Yat for Allah has chosen both of you as an asbab for me and my husband to know about this ilm. May Allah grant both of you with all of His blessings here and after the world. Amin :) 

For introduction, AMANI stands for Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural and Instinctive Birth. The class start with the sharing of AMANI Birth principle which are:
1. Allah is in control of all things.
2. Birth is a natural life event.
3. Birth is inherently safe.
4. The mother’s role in maximizing birth’s safeguards.
5. Trust in birth is trust in Allah.
6. Physiology of pregnancy.
7. Physical preparation for labor/birth.
8. The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy.
9. Natural techniques for labor pain.
10. The importance of avoiding drugs in pregnancy and labor.
11. Parental responsibility starts in pregnancy.
12. Birth consumerism is an obligation of good parenting.
13. Making informed decisions during pregnancy and birth.
14. Self-advocacy is a right and a responsibility in birth.
15. The birth experience matters for a lifetime.
16. Empowering women in birth.
17. Educating partners to support mothers in labor.
18. Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for babies.
19. Thanking Allah for the birth experience.
20. Trust in Allah’s plan for our births and our lives

Frankly, there were a lot of new things that I have learnt throughout the whole class session, from the pregnancy, labor process and afterbirth. Be prepared for birth as if you are preparing yourself for a marathon. You will need a healthy body with good nutrition and enough exercise to prepare your body for the ‘marathon’.

For this particular post I will share regarding the birth stages first. Birth has three stages:

The first stage is divided into two which are effacing and dilating. The process of thinning the cervix is called effacing. When the cervix is 100% effaced (thinned) it will start the second process which is dilating, which means the cervix is ready to open, allowing baby’s head to move out of mom’s body :D

What happen to moms during this phase? This is when the mother start to feel the contraction-which later I will refer to as surge-the-more-positive-way-to-look-at-it. Once you feel the surge, you can start practicing deep breathing, change your position, walking, and be active. Don’t forget to ask your partner to time it, or if you are alone, timed the contraction yourself. Sometimes after changing your position or be active, the surges will stop. That is the sign of Braxton Hicks or labor rehearsal. But if the surges continues, this is the time to call your husband home and be prepared to go to the hospital before the transition and 2nd stage of labor begin. Remember to maintain relax and deep breathing to continue supplying oxygen to the baby J

From 1st stage to 2nd stage, there will be a transition phase. Transition is the phase for the mother to breath down the baby out of her body. This stage is the most critical stage as which the mother feels the utmost pain when the baby’s head and shoulder is engaging right at the birth canal and at the end of the cervix opening. This is when the baby start to show his/her head to the world :D

What happen to moms during this phase? The surges pattern will be irregular which will make the mother even more uncontrolled. This is the hardest time which positive and supportive words from partner, midwife and doula will be very helpful to calm down and motivate the mother. Moms need to remember that the hardest part will end soon. Some mom experience this, but some other mom didn’t feel it at all. It depends on the person. Every mom, every baby and every birth is different. But remember to keep the deep breathing technique J

2nd stage of labor is when the baby is moving out of his/her mom’s body through the birth canal. This is the time where we always claim as when the baby was BORN to the world! The surges interval will be more stable, back to its pattern.

What happen to moms during this phase? Mom’s body is designed perfect for birthing process. Once the effacement and dilation achieved 100%, and when the baby is ready, the uterus will expand and contract to massage the baby down to the canal. These requires oxytocin hormones, created naturally by the mother during the birth process. Baby will do his/her job to let himself out of his/her mom’s uterus and birth canal. Moms just need to be relax to help the baby and the body do their job. Mother roles here is just to make sure there is enough oxygen supplied to the baby by KEEP BREATHING.    

TIPS for moms during this phase- Now comes the usefulness of learning about labor position. Mother has to keep their back upright to allow the baby moves freely down towards the gravity. This will ease labor and shorten the labor time. At this point, mother need to be relax and get back the momentum of deep breathing. Whenever the mother feels the surges, relax, take a deep breath and lean forward to help the baby move. And when the surges is over, take a rest, drink water and ready for the next surge until the baby completely pass through the birth canal. Remember to always supply oxygen to the baby, KEEP BREATHING.  

Now the 3rd stage of labor is delivering the placenta. After the baby is born, he/she still connects to the placenta in the womb by the umbilical cord. Placenta is attached to the uterus. Once the baby safely move out of mom’s womb, the placenta either will detached together with the baby or it will stay at the uterus for a while first. To detach the placenta naturally and to avoid haemorrhaging, the body needs oxytocin again to do their work. At this stage, once again the surges will come for the placenta to pass through the same birth canal.

TIPS for moms during this phase- right after the baby is born, midwife/partner/doula need to pass the baby to the mother for the benefit of skin-to-skin. This will warmed the baby as he/she enters the different world from his/her mom’s warm-womb to the world with no amniotic fluid and colder than the womb. Then naturally the baby will find his/her mom’s nipple for breastfeeding. Yes, babies already learnt how to suck fluid in the 3rd trimester remember? J Now this exercise will give positive signs to the body and once again creates oxytocin naturally to detach the placenta and to shrink the uterus faster which will avoid the risk of hemorrhaging.

That’s the end of the birth process-the basic thing that every mom should know before the ‘big day’. Informative enough? This is just one of the subtopic from AMANI class. Of course I just put it in simple way for us to understand, the real content of the book is more detail and informative but easy for first time mother like me to know the birth process. Well, I think that’s all for now. Later I will share another tips and knowledge regarding the birth process and/or any other interesting knowledge that every mother should know. J

With then, wassalam.    

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vaginal Varicose Veins.

Assalamualaikum wbt,
35th week of pregnancy. Starting from 33rd week, I have felt so many symptoms of ‘real pregnant mom’. Not to say that I have never felt any symptoms before this, but this time I know how hard and how huge our mom’s sacrifices and hardness to carry us day and night. Alhamdulillah J thank you mother, especially my mother, Rosnani Kamaruddin and my husband’s mother, Rohani Abdul Rahim J 

My last 2 week symptoms;
1.       Vaginal varicose veins. At the first place, I really don’t know what is happening to my leg. I just feel hard to change position from lying and sitting to standing and walking. Then luckily one of GBG member had experience the same thing as I do and based on the discussion in the group, I know that pregnant mom will experience this when the baby start to engage, take position in the birth canal. J what a happy feeling to know this..hehehhe..alhamdulillah my baby is practicing with my body for ‘the day’. Although it such a ‘painless’ period of time, I try to change my perspective to take it positively *after 7 litres of tears and 70 times of borrowing my husband’s shoulder* as I can feel the rehearsal of the real day when it comes J Based on reading, I learn that the varicosities can be due to the following:
-      Increased weight of the uterus applying pressure to the veins in the pelvic region (the baby weight)
-    Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone that cause the blood vessels in the vein walls to relax
-      A previous labor, mostly from extended pushing
And they recommend natural treatment techniques such as chiropratic, homeophaty and acupuncture, pelvic floor exercise. I personally go for pelvic floor exercise and it does really help. Alhamdulillah J

2.       Very very obvious water retention at foot and not so obvious at hands and face. Skipping the hands and face part as it is not a big issue, just a little water retention. My leg has experience much more obvious swelling at the upper part of the foot and the whole ankle. This might be due to standing, sitting and walking for a long period of time. Yeah, I do those activity most of the time :P. So I just use the conventional technique which is put your leg higher than your abdomen when you sleep. It really helps even it will reoccur again the next day. But at least the swollen is getting smaller. Alhamdulillah J

3.        And I do also experience heartburn (once), and hot body temperature..hehhehehe

I think that is the main symptom that I have experience throughout the weeks. Now at 35th week, Alhamdulillah I can get use to my body. I learnt that during this week most of pregnant women start to waddle. It is due to the uterus has expand up until mom’s rib cage and baby has taken up most of the uterus. It is normal though for the physical changes for pregnant women. And now in 8 months, my body is changing to suit and get ready for the delivery day soon, in any week starting next week J     

Next time Inshaa Allah I will share more about AMANI class which I had attended for past 2 weekend which has totally give a big impact on my pregnancy, birthing and mom-and-dad-to-be journey.  

Wassalam :) 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sharing : Qunut (Sunat Ab'adh)


Salam Jumaat. Hari ni nak share sedikit tentang bacaan doa qunut. Bagi yang x tahu, qunut ni bukanlah salah satu dari rukun solat. Qunut ialah salah satu perkara sunat ab'adh atau pun sunat yang dituntut dalam solat. Sama seperti duduk tahiyat awal, juga sunat ab'adh. Senarai perbuatan dalam solat yang dikategorikan sebagai sunat ab'adh ialah:

1) Berdiri untuk membaca doa qunut.
2) Membaca doa qunut.
3) Selawat ke atas Nabi dalam doa qunut
4) Selawat ke atas keluarga Nabi dalam doa qunut
5) Duduk tahiyat awal
6) Membaca tahiyat awal
7) Selawat ke atas Nabi dalam tahiyat awal
8) Selawat ke atas keluarga Nabi dalam tahiyat akhir

Sunat pula untuk kita melakukan sujud sahwi jika kita lupa untuk melakukan perkara2 sunat ab'adh tersebut. Solat tetap sah, kerana ia bukan rukun solat. Tetapi ianya sunat yg dituntut dan digalakkan terutamanya bagi kita di Malaysia yg beribadat mengikut mazhab syafi'e.

sumber :

Sekian sahaja perkongsian kali ini. Semoga bermanfaat. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bakal Ibu :)

Diariku sebagai seorang bakal ibu. Hari ini, kandunganku sudah 32minggu 2hari J Alhamdulillah setakat ini kandunganku dan diriku sendiri sihat walafiat. Memang sihat sampaikan bila balik ke kampung je..mesti org tegur..’sihat ye awak ye’ kata tok. ‘haa yan dah nampak naik dah pipi’ kata kak sha. Senang cite rasanya yg paling obvious naik adalah bahagian pipi. Perut tu ofkos la dah ke depan. Satu lagi perubahan yg obvious ialah bengkak kaki. Kak long x terkena sgt dgn bengkak kaki. Ada org kena bengkak tangan. Tapi aku sejak 5 bulan kandungan, seminggu sebelum berangkat ke umrah, memamg dah mula bengkak kaki. Seminggu sebelum ke umrah tu, aku mmg banyak berjalan utk hadir meeting di luar ofis. Berjalan ke impiana, convention centre, dan ke royale chulan (yg ni naik teksi). Dalam hati berkata ‘xpe, ni exercise utk umrah nt. Nak tawaf, nak saie. Praktis2!’ Alhamdulillah segala urusan di tanah suci dipermudahkan-Nya. Baby ibu mmg kuat! J

Tak lama lagi, akan masuk Ramadhan. Tibanya Ramadhan menunjukkan x lama lagi aku bakal bersalin dgn izin-Nya. Minggu ke berapa aku x sure. EDD 3/8/2014 – selepas raya. Kalau ikut mama, mula minggu ke 38 ada kebarangkalian untuk bersalin. Kita tengok la nanti ye ape yg dh ditetapkan Allah untuk proses kelahiran anak pertama ni. Inshaa Allah segalanya yg terbaik dari-Nya. Amin J

Simptom2 minggu ni: mulai bulan ke 8 ni baby lebih aktif bergerak. Ibu dapat rasa pergerakan yg lebih banyak dan lebih ketara berbanding sebelumnya. Semalam baby mcm gerakkan bahagian yg plg dekat dgn perut hadapan dan pusat ibu. Ibu agak tu bahagian punggung baby. Terus wassap ayah bgtw baby gerakkan punggung. Haha. Hari ni masa beli breakfast di mesra shoppe, baby kuis2 kaki dia kt perut belah kanan ibu..hik2 comel..lapar la tu..huhu..tu perkemabangan baby. Ibu pulak, mula ada rasa short breath sikit especially bila masuk tempat yg kecik mcm filing room. And bila berjalan balik dari lrt tu, rasa penat sikit macam masa trimester pertama dulu. Pinggang pun mcm biasa la, bila bgn tidur masih sakit2. Dan sakit di antara sendi kaki dan punggung. Tidurnya lasak kata suami. Aih dah tido xleh nk wtpe la bang..hahaha..last sekali, bermula minggu ni aku dah x kisah dah jalan x cun atau kengkang2. Memang dah pregnant xyah nak cover sgt la. Especially bila baru bgn dari kerusi dan nak mula jalan, mmg slow sikit la nak stat enjin. Dah jalan tu pun xleh la nak laju sgt. Slow2 je. Sorry my husband, your life has become slower for these past 7months :P

I think that’s all utk curhat hari ni. Seronok jugak sekali sekala ada masa untuk menulis di ofis. 1st time kot nak update blog setelah sekian lama. N 1st time jugak update kt ofis..haha..ok yg ni jgn tiru ye x baik..wassalam ;)