Monday, October 5, 2015

essential knowledge checklist for new parents


everyone has their first time experience in life.. so does mom and dad. being mom and dad is not just financially prepared, it is beyond that which will determine you and your precious one behavior, lifestyle and future.


knowledge is the key word. what new parents should know about parenting? but before that, before the baby comes out, what happen to your body? (mom's body of course) you are pregnant right? how to take care of a pregnant mom. what happen to the growing fetus inside your body? can you stimulate and communicate with them inside your womb? pregnancy illnesses, morning sickness, nutrition and excercise. until the estimated due date for you to deliver your baby, what to expect and how to handle the situation? what the husband can do? of course the husband has an important roles too. then your task and responsibility will be much more big and wide right after your baby is breathing the same air as yours. you as their parents, are responsible in every single thing that you will decide for them. know your right and have knowledge. decide with knowledge. every decision must be from you, from the knowledge that you have, not from instruction, or because other people are normally do it. it is you as a parent that will lead what your kids will be in their life.

so here are my suggestion list every parents should at least have some basic knowledge in their preparation to become parents. Also for those who already is a mom and dad, it is never too late to learn and gain knowledge in life:

Pregnancy (nutrient and excercise) 
Birth (natural-gentle birth, and unnecessary medical intervention)
What is inside infant-baby-toddler formula milk
Vaccination (AEFI)
Confinement - including mandi wiladah dan nifas 
Newborn stimulation
Child development (Health and body)
Child development (Brain and intelligence)
Natural food
Natural remedy
Circumcision and other sunnah for newborn - how to handle placenta, aqiqah, and newborn announcement 
Baby-wearing and car seat safety issue
Baby first solid food

and the list goes on..knowledge will never has it end..good luck and have fun to all of us :)